Egyptian Healing Rods

Egyptian Healing Rods were the ancient healing tools used by Egyptian Pharaohs and High Priests. These sacred energy tools have been rediscovered by a Russian Scientist and have been manufactured in accordance with the original specification from rediscovered texts. When you hold these cylindrical healing rods they immediately begin to stimulate the body and help to reduce stress and fatigue, lower blood pressure, open your Chakra fields, improve the immune function and improve vitality.

Alexandria Connections – Egyptian Healing Centre (based in North Wales) were the first company to distribute these new amazing complimentary medicine aids for everyday life use. Used by the ancient Egyptians they are – Egyptian Healing Rods. All our Rods are sold to UK Carriage Paid

These sacred tools for self-ascension and healing were used in ancient Egypt and have been recently rediscovered through recovered Egyptian texts dating back over 3600 years.